So much has happened since my last blog post; I have a gorgeous shiny new website, there have been weddings galore to create stationery for, and a couple of very important birthday parties to attend...

The first of these celebrations was for my Grandparents joint 160th birthday. To capture this special day we asked Jess Farmer from Perspectives Photography Devon to come a long and take some photographs for us. I know this is not strictly wedding related but the images were so beautiful I wanted to share a couple with you and tell you a little bit more about the service Jess provides.

I first met Jess at another family occasion, the same Grandparents joint 150th birthday, we are big on parties in our family! Since then we have become great friends and Jess has photographed our wedding and almost all of the images for my website. Jess is one of the most extraordinarily talented people you will ever meet, she also happens to be one of the nicest too with an incredible ability to put you at ease and make even the shyest of people relax. I just love the way Jess captures a story in every one of her photos, it’s the every day moments that are the most magical.

The second very important celebration was for our gorgeous son Thomas who turned one earlier this month. Without doubt this has been the fastest year on record! We were over the moon with these photos of him. It's only when you step back that you realise just how quickly time disappears and how important it is to pause long enough to take a snapshot of these precious moments.

Jess is a Children & Family Portrait, Commercial, Boudoir & Musician Photographer. If like me you find that time is whizzing by and you want to capture these magic moments, drop Jess an email, I know she would love to hear from you.

A few words from Jess...

“Photographs are very important to me. Don’t get me wrong I am not wildly vain. I am just forgetful. Days and weeks go by and people and places around me are constantly changing. Houses get renovated from rubble to home, baby follows bump and one generation follows another. Life flies by and so taking pictures, for someone forgetful like me is the only way to record moments… to spark conversations about years gone by when I’m old and grey.

I shoot for people like me. People who are after a natural and honest representation of how life is at this moment in time. Not just a cheesy grin but a piece of very personal art. Something that tells you about the people, their personality and their relationships with other people or places. This may be for family or for a growing business.

Whatever the subject, the story is personal.”