I’m Casey and I do what I love every day…

If you were to come looking for Oyster & Pearl, I’m not sure you’d find it. I’m tucked away in the most idyllic corner of the Devon countryside and from here I design and create beautiful, elegant wedding stationery. 


After graduating from University, I went to work for one of London’s top design agencies. Thanks to all the fantastic experience I gained during ten years as an award winning graphic designer, I have a wealth of knowledge and skills to share with the wonderful couples I work with now. I certainly got a buzz from my agency time but I always knew I wanted to work with individuals, not big corporates so, during my hours in the car on endless commutes, I started to plan Oyster & Pearl.


The name, you see, is a little bit special. It’s all about the anticipation of wanting to open something up and the excitement of discovering something extraordinary inside. It’s about the beauty within and how truly marvelous things can grow from nothing. 

There’s no doubt about it, Oyster & Pearl is a huge part of my life and it makes me smile on a daily basis. Other things that make me smile are my pet micro pigs ‘Pepper’ and 'Salt', and our adorable son Thomas. If I’m not busy designing, I love to bake (carrot cake is my absolute favourite), and help with the animals on our family farm. I have a complete obsession with typography and beautiful paper and my ribbon collection is legendary!

Most of all, I should tell you that a little bit of me goes into every project I work on, so if you like the thought of your wedding stationery being designed and made with love, then I would be thrilled to hear from you. 

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