Coralie and Nigel wanted a truly bespoke design that reflected them perfectly.


Having discovered that they like nothing more than to spend weekends away in their van, this seemed like the perfect inspiration for the design.


A beautiful illustration was commissioned of the van, showing their names in the front window and ‘just married’ at the back. Certain elements were then embellished in silver foil like ‘just married’ and the tiny dove flying alongside.


As an additional detail, cans of Guinness and VB (Victoria Bitter) were illustrated hanging from the bumper. In case you haven’t guessed it yet, Nigel is Australian.

The invitation set comprised of a tri-folded and foiled card containing a foiled invitation printed on a translucent paper.
A narrow ivory ribbon finished off the design and the envelope included the tiny silver dove on the back. A simpler version of this design was created for the evening invitations.


The idea also went on to inspire the wedding cake, which was topped with a miniature version of the camper van.